Government propagandists, repressive judges, corrupt officials, criminals, commercial bullies, and cynical tabloid proprietors have always been the enemies of honest reporting and their power remains strong.  

Hi! My name is Baker and I’m an Investigative Journalist, Researcher, Activist and Author.

What else?

Am an Investigative journalist, Press Freedom and Human rights activist. I focus on Investigative stories about human rights violations. LGBTIQ+ rights advocacy and public interest litigations, especially against laws that hinder the freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

I am a co-founder of M28 Investigates / Unité M28 , a non-profit media outlet that conducts Investigative, Undercover and Open-source Intelligence. Our goal is to expose human rights violators and strengthen the community through story telling.

I am passionate about law and reporting on issues that impact ordinary people. My reporting areas of interest are human rights, Politics, security, corruption, wars and illicit finance.

I am also involved in training young researchers, journalists to strengthen critical voices in developing countries.

I see the fight for human rights as a global struggle. I believe that "Human rights violations anywhere in the world mean human rights violations everywhere in the world".

My Books

Mostly I write non-fiction stories, and my books are all very different in style, theme and setting. My areas of interest are Human rights, Law, Politics, Security, Crimes, Wars, LGBTQ+ rights and Press Freedom.



I love to talk about my stories and books, lead writing retreats, visit schools, and speak at writing festivals and Human rights defenders events. Find out what I'm up to here and how to contact me for your event.


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